FAQ - Agent

Our service

1. What if I have sub-sales that is located between two zone but one zone is all I want?

Unfortunately, the only options you have is to purchase both zone or either one.

2. Can a single property agency purchase the entire slots for specific zone? (e.g. Subang (50)?

Limited amount slot is being restricted per agency, which is flexible between 10 to 15 slots per zone/area.

3. Does Taskzon extract commission from my (agent/user) property contract?

Taskzon does not take credit or commission on any trade that is generated within our platform.

4. As a new project agent, how do I know if there are customers looking for my project?

For those agents who subscribe new project, buyer can approach to the new project in two ways

  1. Once the buyers submit his/her requirement through “Post Ad” tab, the request will be send to the agents who have the relevant listing on hand.
  2. Buyers can search and filter new properties by clicking the “New Prop” tab.

5. As an agent, how do I know if there are customers looking for my sub-sales listing?

Take note that public listing is no longer available in Taskzon and for those agents who subscribe sub-sales, requester can approach to the listing by submitting his/her listing requirement via “Post Ad” tab so that the relevant agents will be receiving the notification.

In Fact, posting feature will be available for agents as an extra service, however, the post will be placed under the agents’ profile instead of list of public listings, though it is an unnecessary action to be taken because “post & match” system allows users to contact agents without agents taking any action.

6. What is the frequency of price modulation?

Price modulation will be implement approx. a year after launching and price will be modulating within minimum 10% to maximum 40% of initial pricing.

7. How many agents can reach to a single customer at the same time?

When a requestor aka buyers, sellers, tenants, or investor submit his/her request, Taskzon system will transform the request into notification and send to all the relevant agents, however, the requestor is being restricted to be only able to accept maximum 5 offers at a time, hence, alternative offers can only be accepted under the condition when requestor decline the current offers that he/she accepted.

8. Can I add an extra zone to my profile?

Yes, you can extend your area of specialisation by clicking the plus sign in the “Profile” tab and it will direct you to area selection interface, and from there the system will guide you through.

9. How to become an agent in Taskzon?

Once the app is downloaded, the user is required to carry out account registration, and from there user can register as an agent.

10. Can an agent be making a report upon certain issues?

Yes, agent can make a report by clicking the report button when entering into post details, and as an addition the reporting feature is available in the side menu.

11. How can a Co-Agency be done?

Co-Agency can be done by going to side menu and click the co-agency drop down menu, and 3 option will be available, which are Co-Agency Listing, Manage Co-Agency, and Add Co-Agency.

12. Must a commission be sharing between agents?

Any profit sharing agreement between agents or users is solely between parties and Taskzon take no credit and responsibility.


FAQ – Customer (User)

General question

1. What is the different between you and other property platform?

By joining our platform, user do not need to take initiative to contact agent but to submit his/her listing requirement to Taskzon and let agent contact you without exposing your details to public.

For more detail, you can log onto our Facebook page to know more about us.

2. Can I check for the listing without having a Taskzon account?

Yes, you can log in as guess by selecting “Skip” button in registration interface.

3. What is the fees of creating a customer account?

It is free of charge.

4. Can the transaction be cancelled after I reveal my contact to the agent?

An “End now” button is available for user to terminate the communication, however, it requires requestor to provide reason.

5. What can I do if I cannot log onto my account?

User can contact Taskzon hotline to seek for assistance.

Hotline: +603-8066 3733

Email: support@taskzon.com

6. How can I retrieve my password if I forget?

User can click on the “Forget my password” to retrieve the password through sms verification.

Writing reviews

1. How can I check my favourite agent?

Favourite agent can be view under user’s profile.

2. How do I evaluate an agent?

A possible way would be judging through the specific agent’s profile and the information that is provided by the agent.

3. How do I make a report upon agent?

User can make a report by clicking the report button when entering into post details, and as an addition the reporting feature is available in the side menu.

Special request

4. How can I make a special request? (fengshui theory)

There is no specific column in Taskzon that allows user to fill in the special request, however, user can request or propose to agent.

5. How do I know if my request is confirmed and seen by agents?

Taskzon system will ensure the request to be published, however, acceptance of request is still based on the willingness of agents.

6. How many agents will be receiving my request at the same time?

Notification will be send to all the available agent for specific zone/area and maximum offer a user can accept is limited to 5 at a once.

7. I don’t want to receive any email advertising

User or agent can untick the box saying “I would like to receive newsletter & updates from taskzon.com”