What is Taskzon?

We are a revolutionary property platform that is designed to solve the problem that the agents and customers are facing nowadays, which are money burning feature listing, ineffective post listing, and expensive online advertisement. Therefore, we are trying to revolutionize the property industry by introducing the one and only “Post & Match” system that brings the potential customers and generate income for agents in a fastest and smartest manner.

How Agents Can Get Enquiry From Customers Without Doing Any Marketing.

Introducing the “Post & Match” system

“Let customer contact you without doing any marketing” meaning that Taskzon is a revolutionize property platform that excluded the unnecessary cost of promoting listing by adopting the idea of matching agents and customers without both parties doing the tradition way of selling and buying properties, which are public search, cold-calling, and unnecessary contact blasting. Hence, customers and agents are merely required to fill in certain information such as contact number, email, preferable property, and agents are required on signing up for areas / zones of specialization. As a result, the entire matching process that bring customer to agents or vise versa do not involve any marketing activities to be conducted by agents, which save an enormous cost and time that enhance the performance of agents and satisfaction of customers.

Customers Publish Enquiry with Privacy Protected

Taskzon strive to develop a contemporary and one-click away property platform that is based on simplicity and user-friendly with an aim to ensure that customer can easily find their dream home while privatizing their personal information towards public. In terms of privacy protection on customers’ right, Taskzon adopted the ideas of agree upon information to be exposed on the acceptance of both parties, meaning the information will be revealing to specific agent/negotiator when accept button is triggered. In addition, online searching and agents calling is unnecessary for customer with the one and only “Post & Match” system, hence, deals can be done with just one click away.

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